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No/VOL: 07/2021 Page no. 52

Authors: Khalid Ahmad , Mohamad Aziz :

Title: Pattern reconfigurable planar antenna array based on two circular defected ground structure

Abstract: A pattern-reconfigurable dual-element microstrip antenna array based on reconfigurable two circular defected ground structures was proposed. Five switches are embedded in the two circular defected ground structures to tune the beam orientation. The proposed design able to work at two modes by selecting various combinations of the switch states. The proposed array was fabricated on a Roger board and prepared to shift the beam orientations at the working frequency of 7 GHz. Finally, one prototype of the antenna array was fabricated and tested. The simulated results illustrate that beam steered 52° while the measured beam steered 37°.

Key words: Array antenna, reconfigurable pattern, defected ground structures, radiation patterns, surface current, PAA.