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No/VOL: 06/2021 Page no. 39

Authors: Michal Sir , Ivan Feno :

Title: Efficiency optimization of totem pole PFC with Gallium Nitride semiconductors

Abstract: Novel Gallium Nitride wide bandgap semiconductor devices are capable of improving efficiency of power converters. This article presents a practical optimisation of GaN converter application in the totem-pole power factor conversion converter. As the bottom side cooled devices are used, the article shows integration of switching device and gate driver on a single insulated metal substrate board, attractive for high power density power supply solutions. Measured efficiency data together with analysis of losses distribution and optimization at specific operating conditions are included. Design files of printed circuit board, created in free tool KiCad, used for evaluated prototype are part of this publication.

Key words: power electronics, GaN, GaN totem pole, GaN efficiency optimization, GaN cooling, GaN on insulated metal substrate IMS.