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No/VOL: 08/2021 Page no. 114

Authors: Khalid Ahmad , Mohamad Aziz :

Title: Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna Array Based on Reconfigurable Defected Ground Structure

Abstract: In this article, a frequency reconfigurable microstrip antenna array based on a defected ground structure is presented for C-band applications. The proposed antenna used the integration of two patches and the feeding network attached with a circular defected ground structure. The reconfigurable feature of the proposed antenna array is realized using a single switch inserted on the circular defected ground structure to modify the current distribution on the ground plane, which changes the resonance frequency. By switching the switch OFF, the antenna array eligible to resonate at two states and thus array centered at 4.83 and 5.36 GHz simultaneously. While switching ON, the antenna array eligible resonates at three states, and then the antenna array centered at 5, 5.52, and 5.90 GHz simultaneously. Furthermore, design steps, impedance bandwidth, and radiation patterns are introduced for the description and analysis of this antenna array. The finalized antenna array is simulated, manufactured, and measured successfully.

Key words: Antenna array, defected ground structures, frequency reconfigurable antenna, surface current.