Najstarsze czasopismo elektryków polskich. Ukazuje się od 1919 roku.

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Numer: 03/2019 Str. 63

Autorzy: Zbigniew Pochanke , Tadeusz Daszczyński , Waldemar Chmielak :

Tytuł: Pomiary charakterystyk czasowo-prądowych bezpieczników - koncepcja

Streszczenie: The highly non-linear time-current curves characterize protection abilities of different fuses and are mainly used for selection of these devices according to the proper selectivity level. The process that lead to melting the fuse element is random due to the scattering features of fuses. The randomness of establishing the melting time is a main inconvenience for determination of time-current characteristics. There are lots of methods and laboratory setups for determination of time-current curves, but they all need lots of measurement points for proper statistical analysis, what make them expensive and time consuming. In this paper the “aggregation” method is presented. This can be an alternative method and also cheaper and less time-consuming.

Słowa kluczowe: charakterystyki czasowo-prądowe, pomiary, bezpieczniki, topik.